Saffron Coconut Orange Cashew Bar

Saffron Coconut Orange Cashew Bar

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This recipe our homage to the silk road.

To the empires, that rose and fell on the trade routes. To the lore whispered in dimly lit dens over spiced chai + cardamom tea.

  • Saffron, gently opened in warm water; imparts its unique color and flavor
  • Freshly cracked California Almonds
  • Sour antioxidant dense Goldenberries are chopped and squeezed into the mixture
  • Fresh ginger root juiced is gently folded in
  • Thinly sliced coconut and chopped cashews
  • Freshly zested orange peel balances the entire pursuit
  • In goes, the Organic Rich Amber Maple Syrup, and the whole mixture is hand rolled
  • Slow dried for two days and two nights
  1. Raw
  2. Vegan + Paleo + Primal
  3. Grain and Gluten Free
  4. Zero added oils
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  1. California Almonds
  2. Organic Maple Syrup
  3. Dried Coconut Flakes
  4. Pure Coconut Cream
  5. Organic Golden Berries
  6. Cashews
  7. Fresh Organic Ginger Juice
  8. Organic Orange Zest
  9. Chia Seed
  10. Filtered Water
  11. Kosher Sea Salt
  12. Spanish/Persian Saffron

Allergen info: Contains almond, coconut. May contain trace amount of other tree nuts or seeds.