Case of Savory Almond Chia Turmeric Bars

Case of Savory Almond Chia Turmeric Bars


Our flagship product. It's what started the craze.

  • Take these beautiful California almonds.
  • Grind them to just the right balance of fine flour and chunky goodness.
  • Juice the tender turmeric root to produce the antioxidant packed, bright orange nectar.
  • Gently open up the cumin, chipotle, and chia seed.
  • Slow dry for two days and two nights
  1. Raw
  2. Vegan + Paleo + Primal
  3. Grain and Gluten Free
  4. Zero added oils
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Freshly cracked California Almonds

Pure Coconut Cream

Organic Chia Seed

Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Freshly Juiced Turmeric Root

Kosher Sea Salt

Organic Cumin Seed

Organic Chipotle

Allergen info: Contains almond, coconut. May contain trace amount of other tree nuts or seeds.