Case of Lemongrass Coconut Thai Curry Bar

Case of Lemongrass Coconut Thai Curry Bar


Our love for Thai curry knows no end.

Spicy, sweet, creamy. Sometimes you just need a little Thai curry in your life.

  • We battle with the noble Galangal root to extract this most intense juice
  • Lemongrass is next, resulting in a light spring green that transforms the entire mixture to a cloudy white
  • Just enough crushed red Thai Chiles are added to open the senses
  • The signature note, torn Kaffir Lime Leaves are rolled in
  • Set with pure, rich amber maple syrup
  • Slow dried for two days and two nights
  1. Raw
  2. Vegan + Paleo + Primal
  3. Grain and Gluten Free
  4. Zero added oils
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  1. California Almonds
  2. Pure Coconut Cream
  3. Fresh Galangal Juice
  4. Organic Rich Amber Maple Syrup
  5. Fresh Lime Juice
  6. Fresh Lemongrass Juice
  7. Fresh Organic Basil
  8. Organic Chia Seeds
  9. Kosher Sea Salt
  10. Red Thai Chiles
  11. Kaffir Lime Leaves

Allergen info: Contains almond, coconut. May contain trace amount of other tree nuts or seeds.