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Savory Almond Chia Turmeric Bar

Our flagship product. It's what started the craze.


Superfood Almond Chia Cacao Bar

Choclaty goodness, with the proper balance of smooth, sweet and crunch.


Saffron Coconut Orange Cashew Bar

This recipe our homage to the silk road. To the empires that rose and fell on the trade routes. To the lore whispered in dimly lit dens over spiced chai + cardamom tea.


Lemongrass Coconut Thai Curry Bar

Our love for Thai curry knows no end. Spicy, sweet, creamy. Sometimes you just need a little Thai curry in your life.


Almond Chia Dandelion Caraway Bar 

This recipe is Linda's link to her San Francisco roots.


Fresh Lemon Basil Almond Bar

This recipe is pure summer. We can be anywhere, at any time, and basil will bring us home. 


The Nut Genius Sample Pack

We'll send you a mix pack of healthy and delicious snack bars 

Nut Genius Sample Pack
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