Another snack bar, really?!


Yes, let us tell you why.

Nut Genius was born from our need to snack.

We, along with many others, snack more and more these days in our hectic family and work schedules. We need our stomachs taken care of for our brains to function properly. We mean literally.

Somehow, though, we always feel a bit of anxiety when snacking. Either finding the products out there, full of sugar, full of fillers, packed with inferior starches, poor oils, or just down right not tasty.


A nutrient-dense food bar made of common-sense ingredients, vegan, low-carb and starch-free. Oh yeah, and it had to be delicious!

We got to work, and what started as something just for us at home, quickly became a staple item. 

When friends and family started making requests, we knew we were onto something.

The trouble was, what worked as a baked item in our kitchen, (consumed practically that day or the next), was difficult when we tried to scale it.

It was good, but not the delicious product we experienced in our kitchen.

After much trial and error, to the point of almost giving up on the pursuit; we made a fundamental discovery. What we had been trying to achieve with traditional methods, kept resulting in a traditional product.  

Instead of using regular dry powders and high-temperature cooking, juicing the fresh roots and herbs and then slow drying resulted in a breathtaking item with an altogether unique flavor. It’s raw, remarkable and nutritionally off the charts
We hope you enjoy this food as much as we do.
— The NG Team